Clay-based highlights

Clay-based highlights are perfect to lighten the color of the hair without damaging it. Your hair is nice and brighter as if you just returned from vacation.

Made of Natural Ingredients

Jenny and Paola’s philosophy is to offer hair treatments that are respectful of the hair and mindful of nature. Clay-based highlights are one of them; the product lightens the color of the hair without drying it out because it is made of natural ingredients: clay, honey, olive oil, milk extracts, plants, organic pigments, proteins, and natural silk among others. Clay-based highlights are the ideal choice for anyone who respects their hair and their environment.

Dramatic or muted highlights

Clay-based highlights are gentle, and still they may be as pronounced as you wish. They can be applied on natural or dyed hair and are suitably combined with an ammonia-free color. They last as long as traditional highlights although they oxidize much less. As a result, the color is enhanced with time. The hair is coated, which is very convenient on sun holidays since sun U.V. rays and sea bathing greatly impair the tips of the hair.

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