Brazilian manicure and pedicure

They are very gentle treatments involving Kure Bazaar nail polish and Essie gel, as well as Manikit and Pedikit care masks.

Hands and feet like in Brazil

The Jenny&Paola salon’s philosophy is to offer treatments that are mindful of nature. Brazilian manicure and pedicure are among them. Once the nails are filed and before polish is applied, the nails will be moisturized with Manikit and Pedikit. Those will act like masks made of ingredients that heal and smoothen the skin: collagen, urea, keratin, glycerol, tea tree essential oil, aloe vera, allantoin, etc… then comes the nail polish. We offer nail polishes of the Kure Bazaar brand at the salon, since it makes a point of respecting nails. Their polishes are made of wood pulp, cotton, maize, potato and wheat. They contain no toluene, no formaldehyde, no dibutyl phthalates (DBP), and no synthetic camphor. They were not tested on animals. The selected polish is applied on the whole surface of the nail, cuticle included. The excess is then taken off with a polish remover. This way, the coverage is perfect and the polish chips less quickly. In terms of semi-permanent polish, we chose Essie, since the expert brand for professionals provides us with an excellent alternative to false nails.

 Many more natural treatments

There are other services offered by Jenny&Paola that are mindful of nature: clay-based highlights, ammonia-free color, Brazilian hair straightening on a European type of hair, or a Mediterranean one, or on frizzy hair, on women’s hair or men’s.

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