Brazilian hair straightening applied to a Mediterranean hair type

Brazilian hair straightening is a keratin-based treatment that coats Mediterranean hair and makes it tidy.

Keratin, an efficient protein

Brazilian hair straightening appeared in the 2000s, and it soon established itself in all the prominent American hair salons. In 2009, the Jenny&Paola salon opens. Its philosophy is to generalize natural hair treatments like Brazilian straightening, which relaxes the curls and smoothens away the frizz. The secret behind this miracle is a protein called keratin, a natural constituent of hair, skin and nails.

The days of dry and unruly hair are over

Brazilian hair straightening is ideal for a Mediterranean type of hair because it tames the texture of the hair and makes it easy to style. This treatment is also perfect for a European hair type or frizzy hair (, for women’s hair or men’s. It can be applied on hair that has been traditionally dyed or with an ammonia-free color. Jenny and Paola offer several types of Brazilian straightening.

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