Brazilian Hair straightening applied to a European hair type

Brazilian hair straightening, a keratin-based treatment, nourishes the hair in-depth and works wonders on a European hair type.

A natural, keratin-based treatment

As its name suggests, Brazilian straightening treatment (aka BKT for Brazilian Keratin Treatment) was invented in Brazil. In the 2000s, it became one of the key services provided by the most prominent American hair salons. We started Jenny&Paola in 2009, driven by the desire to introduce the Brazilian straightening method to the Parisian public. The active ingredient is a protein called Keratin, which is a natural constituent of hair, skin and nails. Its application loosens capillary fibers without damaging it. All the products we use are made of natural ingredients.

The days of frizzy, unruly and lackluster hair are over

Brazilian straightening is ideal for a European hair type. It coats and smoothens the hair, makes it tidy and eliminates the frizz that occurs with rain and humidity. The hair is glossy and hairstyle will remain flawless. This service can also be offered for Mediterranean hair types or frizzy hair , to women’s hair or to men’s . You can combine it with a traditional dyeing or, still better, with an ammonia-free hair color. At the Jenny&Paola Salon, you can choose among different formulas of Brazilian straightening treatments depending on whether you would like it to moisturize, smooth or coat your hair.

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