Ammonia-free hair color

Ammonia-free hair color is really gentle on the hair and it produces a very natural hue.

Redken ammonia-free Chromatics

Ammonia is used in traditional colors to bleach the hair in order for the dye to nestle in, but it damages the hair shaft and gives off noxious emissions. Jenny and Paola’s philosophy is to offer hair treatments that are respectful of the hair and mindful of nature, so we prefer to use the ammonia-free and odorless colors by Redken Chromatics. Developed by the U.S. leader brand for hair colors, it is a combination of protein extracts with ODS² or Oil Delivery System. The ODS propels the dyes, oil and protein extracts that surround the hair cuticle into the cortex of the hair, which is infused with color and fortified at the same time.

Shines and gloss

Ammonia-free hair colors require the same exposure time as traditional colors, they offer identical resilience and coverage, and re-growth occurs likewise. Redken Chromatics can be applied on natural or color-treated hair, after a clay-based highlights treatment or not. Once dry, the hair is shining with hues of color, as you can see with celebrities like Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, or Jennifer Lawrence.

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